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Brake pads purchase method

Mar 22, 2017

Four to watch

First of all, coefficient of friction, friction coefficient brake braking torque, too highwill result in braking the wheel lock, direction, spin out of control and burned so low the braking distance is too long;

B depends on security in braking, the brake pads will produce instantaneous temperature, especially at high speeds or during emergency braking, under high temperature conditions, decrease friction coefficient of friction;

Three, comfort, including brake feel, such as noise, dust, smoke, odors, and is thedirect embodiment of friction performance;

Four life brake pads usually can guarantee the service life of 30,000 km.

Two optional

First of all, should choose a regular factory production, on the license number, specify the coefficient of friction, the implementation of standards, such as the brake pads, and the box should have a certificate, the production batch number, production date, and so on;

Secondly, to the point of specialized maintenance professionals install.