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Working principle of automobile shock absorber

Mar 22, 2017

Hanging frame system in the due to elastic components by impact produced vibration, for improved car driving smooth sex, hanging frame in the and elastic components parallel installation shock absorbers, for attenuation vibration, car hanging frame system in the used shock absorbers more is liquid force shock absorbers, its work principle is Dang frame (or body) and car bridge between vibration and appeared relative movement Shi, shock absorbers within of piston upper and lower mobile, shock absorbers cavity within of oil liquid will repeatedly to from a cavity after different of pore into another cavity within. Bubble wall and oil between the friction and molecular friction within the oil on the formation of shock-damping force,making the car a vibration energy is converted to heat the oil, then absorbed by the absorber into the atmosphere. In channel cross sections and the oil factor is constant, damping with the frame and axle (or wheel) speed of relative motion between increase and decrease and oil viscosity.

Shock absorbers and springs assumed the task of sustained impact and shock absorption, damping force is too large, to flexible suspension gone bad, even shock absorber connector damage. To adjust the springs and shock absorbers, a contradiction.

(1) On the compression stroke (axle and frame close to each other), the shock absorber damping force is small, so as to give full play to the elastic effect of elastic elements to ease the impact. At this time, the elastic elements play a major role.

(2) Suspension access to visit (axle and frame away from each other), shock absorber damping force should be large, rapidly damping.

(3) When the axle (or wheel) between the axle and the relative speed is too high, and required flow rate of the shock absorber can be automatically increased, the damping force keep within certain limits in order to avoid undue impact loads.