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Application Development Of Shock Absorber

Aug 16, 2017

      The shock absorber is used to restrain the shock from the rebound when the spring absorbs shock and from the road surface. Widely used in automobiles, in order to accelerate the vibration of the frame and body attenuation, in order to improve the vehicle ride comfort. In the uneven road, although the shock-absorbing spring can filter the vibration of the road, but the spring itself will also have reciprocating movement, and the shock absorber is to suppress the spring jump.Shock Absorber
     Shock absorber is too soft, the body will jump up and down, the shock absorber too hard will bring too much resistance, hinder the normal operation of spring. In the process of the modification of the suspension system, the hard shock absorber should be matched with the hard spring, and the hardness of the spring is closely related to the weight of the vehicle, so heavier vehicles generally use a harder shock absorber.Shock Absorber
      A device that is connected to a crankshaft to counteract the torsional vibrations of the crankshaft (that is, the crankshaft is affected by the impact of the cylinder ignition). Shock absorber and elastic components bear the task of slow impact and damping, too much damp force, will make the suspension elastic deterioration, or even the shock absorber connector damage. Thus the contradiction between the elastic element and the shock absorber should be adjusted.Shock Absorber
     In the automotive suspension system is widely used in the cylinder-type shock absorber, and in the compression and access stroke can play the role of damping called bidirectional action shock Absorber, as well as the use of new shock absorbers, it includes inflatable shock absorbers and drag-adjustable shock absorbers. Two-way action cylinder damper Working principle Description: In the compression stroke, refers to the car wheel moving near the body, shock absorber compression, at this time the shock absorber piston downward movement. The volume of the lower chamber of the piston decreases, the oil pressure rises, and the fluid flows through the flow valve to the chamber above the piston (upper chamber). Shock Absorber
     The upper chamber is taken up a part of the space by the piston rod, thus the volume of the upper chamber is smaller than that of the lower lumen, and a part of the oil pushes the compression valve back into the oil tank. These valves save oil to form the damping force of the suspension under compression motion. When the shock absorber is in the journey, the wheel is as far away from the body as the shock absorber is stretched. Then the piston of the shock absorber moves upwards. The piston upper chamber oil pressure rises, the circulation valve closes, the fluid in the upper chamber pushes the valve into the lower chamber.Shock Absorber