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Auto Balance Bar Setup Reasons

Mar 22, 2017

In order to eliminate the rough ground shock effects on body, vehicle with independent suspension system absorbs vibrations from outside. Because of shock-absorber spring for independently, and each spring the material, physical performance, and it is difficult to maintain uniform, has a remaining vibration impact was eventually absorbed by the body. Its concrete manifestation is a unilateral effort, if motorvehicles at high speeds in the teasers or emergency avoidance, it is easy to roll and roll over. Balance bar for motor vehicle front shock-absorber connected as onewhole, enhanced body rigidity, effectively preventing body deformation, balance wheel torque, to prevent position displacements, reduced two-wheel bumps, extension of the shock-absorber life, avoid cornering felt powerless and roll, thereby increasing the security of the body, makes the ride operation more flexible, more comfortable ride. Install Equalizer bar to pay special attention, balance bar and closing0.5cm-1cm the distance between the hood and balance bar after installation is complete, need to check around the balance bar accessories with the distance between the balance bar for 0.5cm-1cm, do not stick together, otherwise there will be noise in the car, it will affect the ride.

Balance bar for many people just a little hardcore, but you may not know that ironwill have a significant impact on your car, but you never really understood its function, then we will take you for a look into the secret under the chassis.

Anti-Roll Bar is usually translated into the balance bar, to pop you can call it ' levers '. Two stabilizer bars before and after conversion will take you more than a million of the budget, but it gained control of better economic results can be said to behighest of all the modification project. General production car equipped with balance Rod but is mostly limited to the front wheels, aims for a handling and a comfortable compromise.

Balance bar is usually fixed to the left and right suspension lower arm, the car turns caused by centrifugal force acting on the car's roll Centre of body roll, resulting in bent wheel and bending the outer suspension in tension and compression, causing balance bar bar extended torsion, using the bounciness of the shaft to be reversed to inhibition of body roll. Here said the ' roll ' and we have previously mentioned ' body roll ' (Roll) is the same; the so-called ' scrolls ' to is like taking the car from the front in a longitudinal axis from the front through the rear, and then rotate.This rotation is of course small, if the rotation angle is too large it will overturned,that's really rolling.