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Automotive Equipment Modifications Must Take Into Account Project

Mar 22, 2017

Balance bar is made from material hardness, Rod, Rod diameter, the length of thelever arm and the angle of the shaft of the decision. The longer length of shaft hardness soft, whereas the longer the length of the lever arm will increase its hardness. Limited width so the shaft length can change little, but Rod diameter and lengthof the lever arm is easy to adjust. Balance bar materials are generally the same, soto change the hardness by the change of the balance Rod Rod diameter to achieve.

In addition because of the leverage effect, change the suspension arm and balance lever arm connection point can change the torque lever arm, and adjustable stabilizer bars is from here. In addition, balance bar rubber coffin fixed pad into a hard material will have you unexpected results, in the actual test, using a balance bar0.8 inch in diameter accompanied by hard liners and 1.0 inch diameter stabilizer bars topped with rubber lining has the same effect.

Balance bar results roll in cornering, to understand the extent of the roll the best way is to use cameras take photos of the limits when cornering, and then measure the roll angle in the photo, stiffer stabilizer bars are replaced in the same way onceagain, comparing two different angle can be judged. To calculate the required balance of hardness is very complex, and not only to their own hardness and spring combination should be considered, so the only constant and test again, this is the only way on chasis.

When you decided to refit your chassis, except spring and shock combinations outside, you should also consider your balancing pole, this knowledge is based on scientific theory, experience and continuous attempts to, and modified real pleasurehere.