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Brake Pads Brake Theory And Life

Mar 22, 2017

Brake principle

Works mainly from the friction of the brake, brake pads and brake discs (drums) and the friction of the tire and the ground, the conversion of vehicle kinetic energy into frictional heat after will be stopped. A good efficient brake system must be able to provide a stable, sufficient to control the braking forces, and has good hydraulic transmission and heat capacity, to ensure that the driver applied force can befully effective from the brake pedal to the master cylinder and the cylinder, and avoid heat brakes hydraulic failure and as a result of the recession.

Service life

Brake pad replacement depends on your washer is already in how long did your car uses. If you exercise more than 80000 km away when brakes need to be replaced. However, if you hear the sound from your wheel friction, no matter how much your mileage, you should replace the brake pads. If you are not sure how many kilometres you exercise, you may go to the free replacement of mat shops, to buy brake pads or to the auto service shop to install them.