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Calorific Value Of Spark Plugs

Jul 09, 2017

              Spark plugs, as the terminal components of engine ignition system, play an important role. The calorific value of spark plugs refers to the heat and heat dissipation of spark plugs, which is called calorific value.Spark Plug

              The calorific value of spark plugs includes $number nine digits, in which the $number is low calorific value, 4--6 is medium calorific values, 7--9 is high heat. The original spare parts spark plug calorific value is generally 5, 6, 73 kinds, can be a large number of heat dissipation known as the cold spark plug, that is, high calorific value spark plugs, cold spark plugs (high calorific value) of the insulation skirt relatively short, because the heat dissipation pathway is relatively short, heat dissipation, so it is not easy to cause the central electrode temperature rise. The relatively small amount of heat is called the Thermal spark plug, which is the low calorific value of the spark plug.Spark Plug

              Heat-type spark plugs (low calorific value) of the insulation skirt longer, when the cylinder temperature evenly arranged, the longer the skirt, the greater the heat area, the longer the conduction of the distance, so less heat dissipation, the central electrode temperature rise higher. Generally speaking, the low calorific value of the spark plug is more suitable for low-speed lower compression ratio of small power engines, while the high heat value spark plugs are suitable for high-speed compression ratio of high-power engines. The larger the value, the more "cold", the smaller the value of the spark plug, the smaller the heat, it will be "hot", calorific value, depending on the temperature of the cylinder and the design of the spark plugs.

              Spark plugs are "cold" or "hot" directly determines its own thermal capacity, that is, the original heat value of the spark plug directly determines its working environment temperature.Spark Plug

              For the spark plugs working environment temperature requirements are very high, the spark plug can not be too large, nor too small, to ensure that the working temperature of the spark plugs must match the original calorific value. In general, the upper and lower drop control within 1, if the gap is too large, light will affect the engine power output, the heavy spark plug damage, and then damage the engine.

             Many people know that the spark plugs when the calorific value can not be lower than the original calorific value, but that higher than the original calorific value of the problem, in fact, this is not true. To change the spark plug, do not too high price of the pursuit of higher calorific value of the spark plugs, should refer to the original heat value of this key factor to match, otherwise easy to engine performance has a great impact.Spark Plug