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Chevrolet's Now Market Development

Jul 02, 2017

    Chevrolet (Chevrolet) is a car brand owned by General Motors Inc., Motors, November 3, 1911, founded by William Durant (William C. Durant) and Luis Chevrolet (Louis Chevrolet). Chevrolet, also known as Chevy, was bought by General Motors in 1918 and is now the most cosmopolitan and popular brand for GM. Chevrolet has a very wide variety of models, from small cars to large 4-door sedans, from vans to large leather trucks, and even from SUVs to sports cars, the Chevrolet almost produces any type of car the consumer needs.CHEVROLET
    Chevrolet, the biggest brand under the General Motors Group, is the world's most successful car brand, according to the cumulative amount of car production so far. It ranked first in the U.S. sales rankings. It is a very wide variety of models, from the small sedan to a large 4-door sedan, from the van to the large-scale leather card, and even from the SUV to the sports car, consumers need any one of the models, can be found in the Chevrolet a corresponding models. Since the launch of the first product in 1912, the total volume of sales has more than 100 million vehicles. Its market covers 70 countries, with records of a new cars sold every 7.2 seconds. Chevrolet sold more than 3.6 million new cars worldwide in 2004, accounting for 5% of the world's annual sales volume. As GM's most cosmopolitan and popular brand, Chevrolet has strong technology and market resources.CHEVROLET
    Today, as GM's consistent commitment to Chinese consumers, as evidenced by GM's localization strategy in China, GM has introduced more new models of the world's best-selling cars into China to expand its rich Chevrolet product range. With reliability, multi-use and excellent price/performance, believe that the new century Chevrolet in China will have a longer-term development, with the continuous rich product mix and will gradually expand the network, Chevrolet will be confident, pragmatic, positive, look forward to the future of a better life of Chinese consumers to bring more value for the choice and enjoyment of life.CHEVROLET