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Control Of Automobile Control Arm

Aug 16, 2017

      Suspension system is an important part of modern automobiles, which has great influence on the ride comfort and handling stability of automobiles. The vehicle control arm is used as the guiding and transmitting force component of the automobile suspension system, which transmits the various forces acting on the wheels to the body, while ensuring the wheel moves in a certain trajectory. The car control arm is elastically connected with the wheel and the body through a ball hinge or bushing. The motor control arm (including the bushing and the ball head attached to it) shall have sufficient stiffness, strength and service life. This paper introduces the structure and characteristics of the commonly used automobile control arm.Control Arm
      When the suspension is mounted, the stabilizer rod end is linked with the transverse stabilizer through the rubber bushing and the other end is connected with the control arm or the cylinder type shock absorber through the rubber bushing or the ball hinge, and the transverse stabilizer rod rod is used symmetrically in the home to improve the operation stability. Control Arm
      Two kinds of transverse stabilizer linkage mechanism diagram, double bushing stabilizer rod, double ball hinge rod. When the suspension is mounted, the rubber bushing at one end of the transverse lever is connected with the frame or body, and the rubber bushing of the other section is connected with the hub. This kind of control arm is applied to the multi-link suspension and steering system of the automobile, which is mainly subjected to transverse load and steering to the wheel movement.Control Arm
     The longitudinal lever is used for drag-and-drop suspension, which transmits traction and braking force. The structure diagram of the longitudinal lever. The ARM body 2 is formed by stamping. Rubber bushing 1, 3, 4 outer tube and ARM body 2 welded together. Rubber bushing 1 installed in the center of the body of the force, rubber bushing 4 with the hub link, rubber bushing 3 installed in the lower end of the shock absorber, the role of support and damping. This type of vehicle control arm is used for multi-link suspension, and two single control arms are used together to transmit transverse and longitudinal loads from the wheels.Control Arm