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Description Of The Structure And Function Of Spark Plug

Sep 27, 2017

     The spark plugs have two main components: the center electrode, the wire core, the ceramic insulator, the conductive glass and so on. A metal shell with a thread for screwing into the cylinder, which is fitted with an insulator inside the shell, which is connected with a central electrode, a terminal nut at the top of the center electrode, a high-voltage wire connecting from the electric disk, and a grounding electrode at the lower end of the shell. There is a 0.6-1.0 mm gap between the center electrode and the grounding electrode, and the high-voltage electricity bursts into the ground and sparks the mixture.Spark Plug

     The structure of spark plugs is divided into three parts, namely central electrode, steel body and side electrode, insulating porcelain core. The central electrode is made of nickel or nickel alloys and can withstand the high temperature of the explosion. The upper part of the steel is made into hexagonal, so that the wrench can be disassembled, and the lower one has a spiral tooth. The insulating porcelain core surrounds the central electrode. Now generally is the insulation protruding end surface, more conducive to heat dissipation. The gap between the tip electrode and the edge electrode (grounding electrode) becomes the spark plug gap, which is determined by the compression ratio, the combustion chamber shape, the spark plug position and so on.Spark Plug

     During the operation of the engine, driving 12V, 24V low volt voltage through the step-up coil of 20,000 to 50,000 volts of the step-up, and then through the distributor distribution to the need to ignite the cylinder, it is based on the gas (air) under a certain factor can be the effect of dissociation and become a conductive gas discharge principle, The gap between the center electrode and the side electrode of the spark plug is formed by using the pulse high voltage generated by the ignition system of the gasoline engine.Spark Plug

     When the gap is penetrated, the high temperature hot ionization channel is formed because of the high speed movement of ions and electrons, and the arc sparks are generated, which ignites the compressed combustible gas in the combustion chamber of the gasoline engine, and the mixture gas burns and expands to complete the work trip. Without the spark plugs, the mixture could not ignite and the engine could not operate at all. The engine performance is closely related to spark energy and ignition time. Plays an important role in ensuring engine performance.Spark Plug