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Device Configuration And Principle Of The Control Arm

Sep 15, 2017

     The traditional forging technology of aluminum alloy automobile control arm is summarized, aluminum alloy automotive control arm traditional forging process to squeeze aluminum alloy rods as raw materials, the production process is as follows: Extruded aluminum alloy bar sawing, billet, forging, mechanical processing heat treatment, the specific procedures are as follows: Outsourcing extruded aluminum alloy bar sawing, inspection, peeling, qualified round ingots.Control Arm

     The main production line equipment configuration: Sawing machine (with sawing, testing, peeling and other functions), end-face milling machines and chamfer. The uniform annealing is carried out for the qualified ingot, the forging billet is made, the forging blank is heated before forging, the die forging (pre forging and final forging), the flying edge and the skin excision. Production line main equipment configuration: Cross wedge rolling mill, 5000 tons forging hydraulic press, 500 tons crank press, push-rod type uniform annealing furnace, push-rod type forging heater and so on.Control Arm

     Heat treatment, machining and assembling of forgings. Production line main equipment configuration: Heat treatment aging furnace, solid furnace, inspection cleaning machine, surface treatment ultrasonic Cleaning machine, other mechanical processing equipment. By SEM observation of the fracture, the shear dimple was elongated with directional direction, and the microstructure was pearlite and ferrite after sampling in the fracture source area, and the microstructure was normal. The physical morphology of the fracture control arm shows that the fracture has a large opening after splicing, which indicates that the section is broken first, and the plastic deformation is severe, and there is obvious bending deformation. It is inferred that the fracture is subjected to very high external stress.Control Arm

     Scanning electron microscope image of fracture. As a directional dimple, its dimple is smaller. Through the scanning observation of the whole fracture, it is a dimple. The microscopic fracture morphology verifies that the control arm is caused by external stress overload. As an important part of the automobile chassis suspension, the control arm has the important functions of guiding and carrying, and the whole vehicle has strict requirements on the stiffness, strength, fatigue and NVH of the control arm. Control Arm

     Taking the control arm of a introduced vehicle as the research object, the method of combining computer simulation and experiment is used to check whether the original structure design conforms to the relevant technical requirements and adapts to the road conditions in China. Through the research work of this topic, it is helpful to improve the application level of computer simulation and improve the ability of enterprise's independent development and design.Control Arm