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Endurance Analysis Of The Control Arm

Oct 12, 2017

Car control arm assembly, belonging to the stamping welding structure, by the film, the next film, bushings and other components, stamping welding assembly mainly from the upper and lower two through the carbon dioxide gas welding and welding plug welding, and then press the bushing and Into the molding process and welding requirements.Control Arm

Fatigue failure process is: the parts under the action of cyclic load, at the local maximum stress, the largest stress and the weakest grain on the formation of micro-cracks, and then developed into macroscopic cracks, cracks continue to expand, eventually leading to fatigue fracture. There are two types of fatigue life estimation methods used in engineering: one is the conventional fatigue design based on SN curve, the application of linear fatigue cumulative damage theory for life estimation; the other is the use of local stress-strain method to estimate the crack formation life, The fracture mechanics estimates the crack extension life, and the sum of the two is the total life.Control Arm

As an important part of the car chassis suspension control arm, with guidance, bearing and other important functions, the vehicle on the control arm in the stiffness, strength, fatigue, NVH are very strict requirements. In this paper, the control arm of an imported model is used as the research object, and the combination of computer simulation and experiment is used to evaluate whether the original structure design meets the relevant technical requirements and adapts to the road conditions in China. Help to improve the enterprise computer simulation application level, enhance the enterprise's independent development and design capabilities.Control Arm

The crack originates from the inside of the connecting piece; and there are a plurality of fatigue sources extending to form the step. This indicates that the stress here is greater and the crack is generated from multiple points in the region. Crack source extended to a certain extent, and finally in the outer side of the connection piece appears instantaneous. The microstructures were observed by optical microscopy. The material used for the connection piece is S355MC, the carbon content is less than 0.12%, and the matrix structure is ferrite + small amount of pearlite, which is completely normal.Control Arm