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How Often Does The Spark Plug Change?

Jul 29, 2017

              How often does the spark plug change? Presumably a lot of people are not very clear, will not get up to the engine, to repair the car, will have some understanding of it, although the spark plug is only a small part, but it is the engine's ' heart ', without it, the engine is not up. So the regular replacement of spark plugs is very important.

              Generally speaking, the Resistance spark plug life of 20,000 km, platinum spark plug life of 40,000 km, and iridium Gold spark plug life can reach 6 to 80,000 kilometers. Depending on the material, its service life is different, so its replacement cycle is not the same. If you do not regularly replace the spark plug, will lead to the following various conditions: 1, spark plug aging, serious carbon deposition, 2, spark plugs insulation skirt, electrode, center electrode and Shell Oil precipitation phenomenon; 3, spark plug insulator skirt of lead deposition phenomenon; 4, spark plug insulator skirt has a large amount of lead residue; 5, spark plug insulator skirt dust-like precipitation phenomenon, in the insulation skirt and side electrode precipitated cinder-like loose gray matter.Spark Plug

             The service life of the spark plugs is different according to the material of spark plugs, also different, can not unify and discuss, below, we are according to different material of spark plugs, to introduce the use of replacement time. Generally speaking, the resistance of the spark plug service life in 20,000 km, platinum spark plug life in 40,000 kilometers, and iridium gold spark plugs in 6 to 80,000 kilometers, so the general ordinary car is the resistance spark plugs or platinum spark plugs, and Hao car is generally used iridium gold spark plugs.Spark Plug

             No matter what material your spark plug is, insist on doing car maintenance, prolong the service life of automobile parts. The original spark plugs are not needed to replace, to remove the check to know, to see the color of the burn, the gap between the electrodes, porcelain and metal shell gap is not leakage and so on. If you find the car in a cool car in a relatively difficult situation, when driving a significant sense of the feeling, idle vibration, perhaps the engine to speed up performance, should check the spark plug in time. As a result of the vehicles in the above several embodiments, there may also be due to the aging of the spark plugs formed. The spark plugs need to be replaced in a timely manner.Spark Plug