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How The Control Arm Works

Jun 08, 2017

    Automotive suspension control arm, suspension system is an important assembly on the modern car, the car ride comfort and handling stability has a great impact.Control Arm

    The control arm, also known as the swing arm, as the car suspension system guidance and force components, will act on the wheels of the various forces transmitted to the body, while ensuring the wheels according to a certain track movement. The control arms are resiliently connected together by means of a ball hinge or bushing, respectively. The control arm (including the associated bushing and ball head) shall have sufficient rigidity, strength and service life.Control Arm

    The swing arm is divided into the front arm and the lower arm, the front swing arm is the guide and support of the suspension, the deformation affects the wheel positioning, reduces the driving stability; and the lower arm is mainly used to support the body, the shock absorber and Buffer driving in the vibration. The reducer has a good auxiliary effect on the lower suspension arm, and it is compatible with the shock absorber and the spring to form an excellent suspension system (assembly).Control Arm

    When the suspension is installed, one end of the rod is connected to the lateral stabilizer bar by means of a rubber bushing or ball hinge and the other end is connected with a control arm or a barrel damper through a rubber bushing or ball hinge. Suspension symmetrical use, from the role of improving the stability of the operation.

    When the suspension is installed, the rubber bushing at one end of the tie rod is connected to the subframe or body, and the rubber bushing at the other end is connected to the hub. This type of control arm is mostly used in automotive multi-link suspension and steering system of the cross bar, mainly to withstand lateral load, while the wheel movement g