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How To Improve The Working Principle Of Shock Absorber

Jul 29, 2017

           Use the resistance of liquid flow to consume the vibrational energy. When the frame and the axle are relative motion, the piston moves up and down in the cylinder, and the oil in the shock absorber shell is repeatedly flowing from one inner cavity through some narrow pores into the other lumen. At this time, the friction between the Combi and the oil and the friction of the liquid molecule form the damping of the vibration, so that the vibration energy of the body and the frame is converted into heat energy and absorbed by the oil and shock absorber shell, and finally dispersed into the atmosphere. The damping force of the damper increases and decreases with the relative movement speed of the frame and axle, and is related to the viscosity of oil.

          The structure of the damper is a piston rod inserted in the cylinder, filled with oil in the barrel. The piston has a throttle hole, so that the two parts of the space separated by the piston oil can complement each other. Damping is produced by viscous oil through the throttle hole, the smaller the throttle hole, the greater the damping force, the greater the viscosity of oil, the greater the damping force. If the throttle hole size does not change, when the shock absorber works fast, damping over the assembly affects the absorption of the impact.Shock Absorber

          Therefore, a disc-shaped reed valve is arranged at the outlet of the throttle hole, when the pressure becomes larger, the valve is opened, the throttle opening becomes larger and the damping becomes smaller. Because the piston is bi-directional movement, so on both sides of the piston is equipped with leaf spring valve, respectively called the compression valve and the valve.Shock Absorber

          According to its structure, the shock absorber can be divided into two cylinders and one cylinder. Dual-cylinder means that the shock absorber has two cylinders inside and outside, the piston in the cylinder movement, because of the piston rod into and out, the volume of oil in the inner cylinder with the increase and contraction, so to exchange with the outer cylinder to maintain the balance of oil in the cylinder. Therefore, the double shock absorber must have four valves, that is, in addition to the above-mentioned piston on the two throttle valve, there is a complete exchange between the inner and outer cylinder of the circulation valve and compensation valve.Shock Absorber