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How To Make Sure The Quality Of Brake Disc/drum?

Aug 23, 2017

Brake disc as an important part of the braking system, it can be said that the performance of a direct impact on the braking performance of the vehicle, if the owner does not pay attention to it is likely to lead to some unnecessary accidents, how to determine the performance of the brake disc?

1.Listen to sound to judge performance

The owner can judge the brakes through the sound of daily braking is good or bad, especially when the vehicle is used for a long time, you can also use it to judge, such as the brake when the brake disc appear sharp or Sound nosy, if found this situation, you can try to prevent the brake pads in the beginning of the installation of the sound produced when running, if the brake has just replaced the situation, this time the best check and replace the brake disc or brake drum.

2.According to the instrument lights to check

In fact, the instrument lights also have a warning light to monitor the brake, the general is to extinguish the state, I believe there are many owners are not very understanding, when the brake disc failure or excessive wear, this time the light will light up until the owner After the completion of the repair will be extinguished, the general light is the brake disc has been worn to the limit, the brake effect is reduced, for driving safety has a certain impact, but in order to just in case, the best to repair in time.

3.According to the thickness of the brake disc and brake drum

As the brake disc/drum, the disk is distributed with a few pits, these pits usually represent the degree of wear of the brake disc, if found the depth of the pit to 1.5mm, that is, the total positive and negative wear to 3mm, it is recommended that the owner should replace the brake disc in time to keep the safety.

4.Judgment is made by the cycle of using

As a brake disc, but also has a certain maintenance cycle, usually for 60,000 km or 100,000 km, the owner can be informed according to the maintenance manual cycle, if found to be close to the replacement cycle should be checked in time to avoid the brake disc performance Down to affect the braking performance.

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