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How To Prevent Undue Wear Of The Brake Pads

Mar 22, 2017

1. Continued in the course of the roadway advance speed is reduced, with the rightgear, engine brake brake system operation, can effectively reduce the burden on the braking system to avoid overheating of the brake system.

2. Banned downhill put out the engine in the process, cars are now fitted with the brake vacuum booster pump, once the engine, brake power steering pump are not only not to a secondary role, will also have a great resistance to the brake master cylinder, brake distances will increase exponentially.

3. Automatic car when driving in urban areas, regardless of speed, time to collectoil. If oil only when very close to the vehicle in front brakes brake pads loss wouldbe serious, a lot of oil. How to prevent excessive brake wear? so, automatic car when you see red or congestion ahead ahead of oil, fuel efficient, low maintenance costs and also increase driving comfort.

4. Driving at night, by the light to the dark time, eyes to the light of the need for anadaptation process, to ensure safety, reduce speed. How to prevent excessive brake wear it? also, passing through the corners, sloping road, bridges, narrow and not easy to see the place, it should reduce speed and always be prepared for brake or parking, accident prevention, ensuring driving safety.