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How To Replace Brake Pads

Mar 22, 2017

1. Release the hand brake, and will need to replace the brake wheel hub screw loose (note that is loose, do not unscrew completely). Jack good cars. Then remove the tire. Before the dynamic brake, preferably with a dedicated brake cleaning spray a jet of fluid in the brake system to avoid powder into the respiratory tract, affects health.

2. Remove brake caliper screws (for some cars, as long as the one screw and thenanother loose)

3. Brake calipers hanging by a rope in order to avoid damage to brake lines. Thenremove the old brake pads.

4. Use a c-clamp to push brake Pistons back in the most. (Please note that prior tothis step, lift the hood, brake oil box unscrew the cover, because the top brake piston, brake fluid level will rise). New brake pads installed.

5. Attach the brake caliper back, caliper screws to the required torque. Back tire, wheel screws tighten slightly.

6. Put the jacks, tighten the wheel screws completely.

7. In the process of changing brake pads, we brake piston to the innermost, brakes will be empty at first. After stepping on a few in a row would be nice.