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Land Rover's Brand Culture

Jun 19, 2017

    Land Rover has been translated into "Land Rover" and "Land Rover" officially entered into China, "Land Rover" has been translated into "Land Rover" before the "Landrover" is not officially sold in China. When the listing, found that "Land Rover" has been a domestic automobile enterprises registered trademark, "Landrover" registered in China as "Land Rover". In 2003, Land Rover established an office in China. In 2009, Land Rover has introduced Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Discovery 4 and Freelander 2 to China, including its 2010 Land Rover Range Rover, , For the majority of Chinese consumers to provide a rich, comprehensive product selection. March 2010, Land Rover Defender (Defender) in the Chinese market officially listed. At this point, Land Rover has its full range of products into China, fully demonstrated the Land Rover on the Chinese market attention and confidence.LAND ROVER

     Pure: pure refers to the reality, the historical factors of rational integration, in the understanding of Land Rover's past and tradition at the same time, trying to find new things, walking in front of time. It tells us to be willing to sacrifice, full of enthusiasm and passion, take their own way, never look back. Courage: self - confidence has the ability to improve the expectations of life and overcome the fear. Everyone to work hard, good at thinking, honest and trustworthy; adventure should pay attention to grasp the sense of proportion, do things have a clear purpose; in the face of adversity to carry forward the team spirit; look for the goal, courage, although Taishan pressure and its color does not change, Kind of fearless heroic spirit. Adventure: Adventure tells people to open their hearts and embrace the world. LAND ROVER It is a state of mind, a kind of attitude towards life, it is for everyone to give care. It tells people to dare to unconventional, relentless pursuit. The purpose of the expedition in the vast wilderness is clear, in an effort to find the best way to protect the environment. People and beasts also like adventure, but the adventure of the beast is to hunt food. Extraordinary: become a pioneer of nature; full of compassion and courageous dedication; both ordinary people's feelings and extraordinary charisma; become a certain expert, but at the same time approachable; Zoran standing and never pretentious. It is related to leadership and extraordinary charm, shining inspiration of the light, in any case can cope with such as. It never arrogant, arrogant, or malicious attack others.LAND ROVER