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Main Classification Of Equalizer Bars

Mar 22, 2017

Balance bar in accordance with its purposes and functions of the car demands different, as follows:

1. Front hem arm

--Design and installation of separate connection from the front axle and front wheel, main role was to assume control of the medial and lateral angle of the front wheels;

2. The direction of beam balance lever (original accessories)

--Design and installation in both sides of the front hem arm, control the directionof the overall symmetry of the front wheels. Main role is responsible for the angleof the front wheels, and keep the wheel in the direction of tracking ability;

3. Tata balancing lever front wheel shock absorbers (commonly known as Hong Kong and Macao: the top bar. Optional parts)

--Design and installation in the front suspension towers Tower location. Main role is to strengthen the front part of the engine room and the rigid body to offset centrifugal horizontal torque caused by the deformation of the frame (tearing causedsevere deformation of the Tower), improve the cornering ability of the vehicle to improve cornering speeds, reducing body roll produced by centrifugal force and angle;

4. Cross beam balance at the end of the lever (commonly known as: front end of it.Optional parts)

--Design and installation in front of the front axle and the frame and chassis connecting parts. Main role is to strengthen the front end of the beams (front axle) strength of connection to the chassis, reducing front axle displacement deformation caused by centrifugal force and body twisted, its main role is to improve cornering performance;

5. Tata balancing lever rear wheel shock absorbers (commonly known as: top rightafter. Optional parts)

--Design and installation in the rear shock Tower Tower Tower location. Main roleis to enhance the strength of the trunk and reduce rear lateral distortion caused by centrifugal force, reducing rear roll when cornering, improving cornering performance of the vehicle;

6. Rear axle suspension enhanced balance lever (commonly known as: bottom. Optional parts)

--Design and installation in the rear axle connected to the rear of the chassis frame position. Main role is to strengthen the connection of the rear axle and the frame strength;

7. Frame (body) chassis enhanced balance lever (component)

--Design and installation in the middle frame chassis, the main role is to strengthen the chassis rigidity of the frame.