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Operation Flow Of Rear Brake Pads

Oct 27, 2017

Vehicles are driving on the road, and the most used by motorists is braking. The most important role of braking is deceleration and parking vehicles, in the actual driving conditions are ever-changing, braking can help vehicles avoid unsafe accidents. But if the brakes are improperly used, it can lead to unexpected risks, even if the car destroys the dead.Rear Brake Pads

Traffic jams need to travel at low speed, such as vehicle speed in the 20km/h~30km/h and below, the general is to first step on the clutch, after the brakes, this will prevent the engine flameout. The vehicle in a high speed operation is the opposite. At this time not only to avoid the emergency brake, but also need to pay attention to not one foot to the brakes on death, to prevent the vehicle skidding brought about by the safety hazards. Manual car type should first light on the brakes, reduce gear, use idle speed brake to drop down, then step on the clutch to prevent flameout.Rear Brake Pads

We usually in the car, if the front is a motor vehicle, it obviously slowed down but not the brakes, then the car should be the first light brake, in addition to adjust the speed, more important is to prevent rear-end. Point Brake is also a warning after the car and give the car a need to slow down the signal, otherwise even if we move at a uniform speed, a sudden situation, a foot of the brakes, the car is likely to stop the car, resulting in a rear-end accident.Rear Brake Pads

If the front is pedestrian or non-motorized, usually requires a half linkage light brake, or a half linkage light with the throttle, through two pedal linkage, the driver needs to complete the power and control speed. If pedestrians or non-motorized vehicles suddenly appear in the middle of the road, emergency braking should be used. No abs, such as additional brakes on the vehicle, in the special case of rapid emergency braking, can be used continuously and quickly on the brakes, while pulling the brakes brake has ABS device car, you can step on the brakes.Rear Brake Pads