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Pay Attention To The Rear Brake Pads

Jul 02, 2017

   Car brakes are divided by type:-Brake pads for disc brakes-brake shoes for drum brakes-for large trucks. Brake pads are mainly divided into the following categories: Asbestos brake pads (basic phase-out), metal brake pads, metal brake pads, Nao brake pads, ceramic brakes, Nao ceramic brakes brake pads are also called brake skins. In the car's braking system, the brake pads are the most critical safety parts, all of the brake effect is the brake pads play a decisive role, so good brake pads are people and cars protection God.Rear Brake Pads
   The replacement of the brake pads depends on how long your gasket has been used in your car life. Generally, if you have to exercise more than 80000 kilometers, the brake pads need to be replaced. However, if you hear the noise from your wheels, no matter how many miles you have, you should replace the brake pads. If you're not sure how many kilometers you've exercised, you might go to a free pad store, buy the brakes or go to the car service store to install them.
   1 See thickness: a new brake pad thickness is generally 1. Around 5cm, as the use of constant friction thickness will gradually become thinner. When the thickness of the brake pads is only 1/3 of the original thickness (about 0.5cm) is observed. The owner will increase the frequency of self-test, ready to replace. There are individual models due to the wheel design reasons, do not have the naked eye to see the conditions, need to remove the tires to complete. If the latter, until the warning light is on, the brake pads metal base and the brake disc is already in iron grinding state, then, the tire near the rim of the wheel to see the bright iron. Therefore, we recommend that we check the wear condition of the brake regularly to see if it can be used, not just the warning light.Rear Brake Pads
   The brake drum is fitted with a brake shoe, but the average person is called the brake pads to refer to the brake pads and brake shoes, so use "disc brake pads" To specify the brake pads on the disc brakes. It's not the brake disc. Look at the friction coefficient, the friction coefficient determines the basic braking torque, too high will cause the braking process of the wheel to die, the direction of control and burn, too low braking distance too long; two to see security, brake pads in the braking will produce instantaneous high temperature, especially in the high-speed driving or emergency braking, the friction coefficient in the high temperature condition will drop; three see whether comfortable, including braking sensation, noise, dust, smoke, peculiar smell, etc., is the direct embodiment of the friction performance; four See life, Usually the brake pads can guarantee 30,000 kilometers of service life.Rear Brake Pads
   Two choices first, should choose the regular factory production, has the license number, the designation friction coefficient, the implementation standard and so on automobile brake pads, and the packing box should have the certificate of competency, the production batch number, the production date and so on; Secondly, select to professional repair point please install the professional.Rear Brake Pads