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Production Method Of Brake Pad

Oct 27, 2017

Binder is linear phenolic resin and nitrile rubber, curing agent for sulfur, six times methyl amine, accelerator for cyclohexyl benzene and thiazole sulfonamide, friction performance regulator for carbon black, chlorinated stannous, additives for barium sulfate, solvents for mixed solvents.Brake Pad 

The invention is suitable for the brake pads of the drilling rig and also for the brake pads of the workover machine as well as the train and automobile brake pads. The brake pads produced by the invention have the characteristics of stable friction coefficient, low abrasion, low hardness, low noise, good recovery performance, long life, high safety and reliability and easy to damage dual materials.Brake Pad

A brake pad It contains the following components: mixed resin, inorganic macromolecule, barite powder, iron ore powder, calcium carbonate, metal oxide, graphite, molybdenum disulfide, glass fiber, steel fiber, copper fiber, composed of phenolic resin and urea-formaldehyde resins. In the preparation, the phenolic resin and urea-formaldehyde resins were stirred in the kneading machine, then the inorganic macromolecule polymers were mixed in the kneading machine, and then the following preparation process was carried out. The product has the advantages of stable friction coefficient, low thermal decay, good heat-resisting performance, moderate abrasion-resistance, small braking noise and lower cost.Brake Pad

A semi-metal asbestos-free car brake pads and their production methods, the friction material ingredients are modified resin, steel fiber, glass fiber, reduced iron powder, synthetic rubber, graphite, barium sulfate, diatomite, zinc oxide, alcohol and so on. The process is: Binder deployment, molding back plate, sandblasting derusting, suppression of trademarks, cleaning, brush adhesives, blending resin, raw materials mixing, drying, cooling, weighing, heating molding, two times heat preservation curing, grinding, painting, packaging. The friction coefficient of the brake pads produced by the invention is moderate, the dual wear is small, the brake braking is steady, the noise is small, not cracked, not layered, the service life is long and the asbestos dust pollution is avoided.Brake Pad