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Several Precautions For Repairing Brake Pad

Sep 15, 2017

      Brake shoes commonly known as brake pads, belonging to consumables, in use will gradually wear, when worn to the limit position, must be replaced, otherwise will reduce the braking effect, or even create a safety accident. The brake shoe piece is about life safety and must be treated with caution.Brake Pad

     Most cars use a front-panel rear drum brake structure, in general, the front brake shoe wear relatively fast, after the use of the brake shoe for a long time, in the day-to-day maintenance should focus on the following aspects: normal driving conditions for each 5000 km of the brake shoe inspection, not only to check the remaining thickness, Also check the wear of the hoof, the degree of wear on both sides is the same, the return is comfortable, and found that abnormal conditions must be dealt with immediately.Brake Pad

     Brake shoe piece is generally composed of iron liner and friction material, must not wait for friction material part to change hoof piece. For example, the Jetta's front brake shoe, the new film thickness of 14 mm, and the replacement limit thickness is 7 mm, including 3 mm more iron liner thickness and nearly 4 mm of friction material thickness. Brake Pad

     Some vehicles with brake shoe alarm function, once reached the wear limit, the instrument will be alerted to change the hoof piece. To reach the use limit of the hoof piece must be replaced, even if it can be used for a period of time, will also reduce the braking effect, affect the safety of driving. Replace the original spare parts to provide the brake pads, only in this way, the brake pads and brake disc between the best braking effect, wear the smallest.Brake Pad

     Brake Pads as a vehicle safety parts, the state has a strict licensing system, but like our food, the existence of the system does not guarantee that the market products are good, imitation, counterfeiting, sale of fake phenomena exist in various industries. But, because it is a car safety parts, auto factory in the selection of the original car parts are not afraid to have the slightest idea, its selection criteria far higher than the national standard, so as a general consumer, you only need to follow the car factory to choose will not be wrong.Brake Pad