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Shock Absorber Working Cushioning Method

Oct 12, 2017

When the car is running on the uneven road, the shock absorber in the drawing and compression process, the damping fluid through the recovery valve or throttle and the corresponding throttle system to produce damping force, so that the coil spring vibration quickly decay, So that the car driving smoothly. In the shock absorber work at the same time, due to frequent flow of vibration damping, when the car driving for some time, especially in the uneven road, the shock absorber appearance temperature is normal, otherwise, that damper damage. Damper damage should be the front axle or rear axle of the two (even one of the conditions is still good) at the same time to ensure that the car left and right balance.Shock Absorber The structure of the damper is a piston rod with a piston inserted into the barrel and filled with oil in the cartridge. The piston has an orifice so that the oil in the two-part space separated by the piston can complement each other. Damping is produced in the presence of viscous oil through the orifice, the smaller the orifice, the greater the damping force, the greater the viscosity of the oil, the greater the damping force. If the size of the orifice is constant, the damping will affect the absorption of the shock when the shock absorber is working fast.Shock Absorber

Shock absorber according to its structure can be divided into double and single cylinder. Double cylinder means that the shock absorber has two inner and outer cylinders, the piston in the inner cylinder movement, due to the piston rod into and out, the volume of oil in the inner tube increases and shrinks, so through the exchange with the outer tube to maintain The balance of oil in the inner cylinder. So there are four valves in the dampers, that is, in addition to the above mentioned piston on the two throttle, there are installed in the internal and external cylinder between the exchange of the role of the valve and the compensation valve.Shock Absorber

The most common failure of the air suspension system is that the suspension is too low to rise to a normal height or to a side of a body or a low side of a wheel. It is clear here that the level of the body is monitored by three horizontal position sensors mounted on both sides of the front wheel and the rear balance bar. The three sensors provide signals to the control computer, enabling real-time monitoring of the system on the computer. Normally, the horizontal position sensor signal voltage is 2.3-2.7V, regardless of the signal voltage is above or below this range, the body of the horizontal state will be abnormal.Shock Absorber