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Structure Analysis Of Shock Absorber

The structure of the hydraulic shock absorber is basically similar to that of the inhalation pump. The difference is that the upper part of the steel body of the hydraulic shock absorber is closed and the hole is left on the valve. When the rear wheel encounters a raised road surface, the cylinder moves upward and the piston moves relatively downwardly in the inner cylinder. At this point, the piston valve is washed up, the inner cylinder bore inside the piston oil from any resistance to the piston on the side. At the same time, this part of the oil through the bottom of the valve hole into the inside, outside the cylinder between the oil chamber.Shock Absorber

This effectively reduces the impact load of the bump surface on the vehicle. And when the wheels cross the raised ground to the fall, the cylinder will follow the downward movement, the piston will move up relative to the cylinder. When the piston moves up, the oil flushes the bottom valve to the inner cylinder, and the oil on the upper side of the cylinder cylinder flows toward the lower side of the piston valve. At this point when the oil flow through the small hole in the process, will be a lot of resistance, so that a better damping effect, played the purpose of shock absorption.Shock Absorber When the oil flows, the resistance is attenuated by the compressive force. When the compression stroke is approaching the limit, the tapered oil seal at the end of the handle is plugged in, thus closing the passage of b indoor oil. At this point, the b-chamber hydraulic shocks rise, so that it is in a closed state, thus limiting the stroke of the handle, effectively prevent the front of the movable parts between the moment of mechanical collision.Shock Absorber

When the handle is stretched (ie, bounces), the oil in the chamber is flowed into the chamber c in the upper part of the front piston (near the piston ring). At this point, the resistance of the oil flow attenuates the tensile force. When the extension stroke reaches the limit, the spring of the rebound spring absorbs the vibrational energy, and in this process, the oil is added to the b chamber through the small hole in the lower part of the front of the piston to prepare for the next work.Shock Absorber