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Suspension Mode Of Shock Absorber

Oct 27, 2017

The most primitive and simplest car suspension system is to use four (leaf) springs to support the body from the wheel, and later people do not want to meet the surface of the slightest bump after the body will continue to vibrate, so the introduction of shock absorbers (shock absorbers, shock absorbers).Shock Absorber 

Here "damping" means not only to reduce the amplitude of vibration, but also the vibration of energy absorption, reduce the number of body vibration, to maintain the wheel and ground contact, so the shock absorber is also called a shock tube (shock absorber). The basic parameter of the shock absorber is the damping value, that is, how much resistance can be produced when compressing (compress, or rebound), the higher the value, the greater the resistance.Shock Absorber

Therefore, some high-end or competition shock absorbers (such as Ohlins, Sachs, etc.) will bring a nitrogen bottle to control the temperature of the damping liquid (damping bucket can accommodate more damping fluid, more hot capacity). General car use of the original shock absorber, are biased towards comfort and cope with a variety of road adjustment, so mostly with a lower damping shock absorber and a weaker spring to maintain the driving comfort.Shock Absorber Hydraulic Shock absorber Pump is basically similar, the difference is only the hydraulic shock absorber of the upper end of the steel is closed, and the valve on the structure with the inhalation of small holes. When the rear wheel encounters a bump on the road, the cylinder moves upwards and the piston moves relatively downward in the cylinder barrel. At this point, the piston valve is burst upward, the inner cylinder cavity inside the piston side of the oil is not subjected to any resistance to the upper side of the piston. At the same time, this part of the oil through the bottom valve of the small hole into the inside, the outer cylinder between the oil cavity. In this way, the impact load of the bump pavement on the vehicle is effectively attenuated.Shock Absorber

And when the wheel crosses the raised ground down, the cylinder will also move downwards, and the piston moves upwards relative to the cylinder barrel. When the piston moves upwards, the valve at the bottom of the oil runs into the inner cylinder, while the oil on the upper side of the inner cylinder piston flows through the small hole on the piston valve to the lower side. At this time, when the oil flow through the small hole process, will be a lot of resistance, which produces a good damping effect, the purpose of damping.Shock Absorber