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The Development Of Spark Plug In The Industry

Sep 06, 2017

    With the rapid development of automotive industry, auto parts manufacturers have also developed rapidly. Modern automotive industry requirements for manufacturing and processing are increasingly stringent. Spark plugs as an important part of the automobile, its product quality and processing precision affect the performance of the car. Traditional spark plug detection is mainly realized by human, with simple testing equipment, detection speed and detection accuracy is far from satisfying the requirements.Spark Plug
    The spark plug detection system developed by Panasonic PLC as the control core, completes the entire system movement control, the data processing, the printing and so on work, moreover by the visual system carries on the data detection, then completes the entire system function task. As the spark plugs need to detect more than 40 dimensions, and the detection accuracy requirements are high, need to reach the micron level, if you need to test this size, the accuracy is lower, so use Panasonic PLC control stepper motor, through the coupling drive ball screw platform to move the spark plug, four times to detect the size Spark Plug
    Narrow the detection range of the vision sensor and increase the detection precision. The visual system outputs the data to the PLC after each test. Because the vision sensor exports is the Ethernet port, so through 7188E to convert the Ethernet to serial and PLC communication, PLC received data after the format of processing, processing data output to the touch screen display.Spark Plug
   The touch screen completes the display while also completes the Man-machine interaction, the control and so on function. First, the use of formula function, storage of multiple sets of parameters, the user can choose a different product number that is, the product needs more than one set of parameters, in addition to the touch screen alone to modify the individual parameters, or to store the modified content; second, after receiving the data in addition to display, Also through its second serial port data output to the micro-printer printing, convenient customer records.Spark Plug