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The Nature And Function Of The Stabilizer Link

Oct 12, 2017

Car handling stability, refers to the driver does not feel too nervous, fatigue conditions, the car can be in accordance with the driver through the steering system and steering wheel given direction (straight or turn); and when the outside interference , Crosswind, cargo, or passenger), the vehicle is able to withstand stable interference while maintaining stable performance.Stabilizer Link

Mixing type urethane rubber (sometimes referred to as compound) is made of polyester and polyether polyol as raw materials, supplemented with aromatic, aliphatic diisocyanate and chain extender and other raw materials prepared. Polyurethane (PU) rubber, compared with other polyurethane compounds, is characterized by the properties of rubber. Polyester polyurethanes are resistant to hydrolysis in many high standards of practical applications. Other applications require polyether urethane rubber to maintain the transparency of the material or remain non-fading after heat or ultraviolet light.Stabilizer Link As a rubber formulation engineer, we mainly by looking for a suitable stabilizer to improve the rubber resistance to hydrolysis and stability in the heating and lighting performance. We hope that these additives in the polyol in a good solubility, in order to improve the efficiency of the production process; or easy to weigh, can be easily mixed with the material into the raw materials.Stabilizer Link

Anti-hydrolysis stabilizer is carbodiimide products, divided into monomer, liquid oligomers and polymers and other types. The addition of such a hydrolysis-resistant stabilizer to a polyester-type polyurethane rubber is intended to maintain the Mooney viscosity of the rubber during storage. Molds made with polyurethane rubber with a stabilizer can inhibit the hydrolysis of water or acidic substances.Stabilizer Link