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Why Disc Brake Pads Are Popular

Jul 29, 2017

             Disc brakes are popular because of the popularity of disc brakes. Disc brakes as one of the important parts of disc brakes, as a direct execution force, the effect of braking, the principle of its work is: the driver pedal pedals → Brake total pump piston is driven → brake tube generated pressure → pressure through the brake oil to the brake pump → Brake pump piston is driven by the brake caliper brake pads to squeeze the brake disc, resulting in braking effect.Brake Pad

             Before the the 1960s, the car used drum brakes, drum brakes are basically the same as disc brakes. In 1962, the disc brakes first introduced the U.S. Department of Vehicles, and get a lot of popularity, now some cars, all four wheels are disc brakes. The demand for disc brake pads is increasing, and the reason is that disc brakes have the following advantages (relative drum brakes): 1, with good heat dissipation, long-term exposure to the air, The brakes will not fail because of the thermal decay of the brake pads produced by the high-frequency brakes; 2, good braking sensitivity, can do high-frequency braking; 3, does not have the automatic braking effect, maintains the left and right two rounds the force balance; 4, the drainage is good, will not because the water effect, causes the brake to be bad; 5, the disc brake piece will not because of the heat distortion, affects the braking effect; 6, the structure is simpler;Brake Pad

            The above points are the disc brake several advantages are the reasons for its popularity, but not that he has no shortcomings, everything has his two sides, disc brakes also have shortcomings, but as long as the overall effect is greater than the former, there is the need for it.Brake Pad