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Why The Automobile Shock Absorber Fails

Aug 12, 2017

          (1) phenomenon; a CA1091 type of car, in the uneven road, the impact is quite serious, the cab vibration is larger. Hand Touch shock absorber shell, no normal operating temperature. Remove the shock absorber check, can not pull up.Shock Absorber

          (2) Reasons and analysis; When the damper is running on uneven road, if the normal work will have the corresponding temperature, otherwise it will explain that the shock absorber does not work, if the pull is not moving, the shock absorber card die, loss of vibration reduction, in the uneven road when the vibration is larger. The cause of the card is the shock absorber piston and working cylinder rust, hydraulic oil flow can not top the piston up and down movement.Shock Absorber

          (3) Diagnosis and treatment; The car is moving slowly on uneven road, and it is observed whether the shock absorber produces the upper and lower telescopic motion. Treatment: Remove the traces of rust, and thoroughly clean the internal parts, add oil to restore the shock absorption performance.Shock Absorber

          (4) Other causes of shock absorber failure; When the damper inside the piston, seal ring, such as excessive wear, or the valve closed lax, the upper and lower motion of the connecting rod can not form the hydraulic oil flow and can not produce damping effect, so that the shock absorber is ineffective; when the rubber sleeve in the shock absorber is damaged, the shock absorber effect will be reduced seriously, and the strong "thump" impact sound should be replaced in time.Shock Absorber