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Working Principle Of Auto Parts Water Pump

Jul 09, 2017

              Centrifugal pumps are widely used in automobile engines. The basic structure is composed of a pump casing, a connecting plate or a pulley, a pump shaft and a bearing or a shaft bearing, a pump impeller and a water seal device, and is a main part of the automobile.Auto Parts Water Pump

              The engine passes the pulley to drive the pump bearing and the impeller to rotate, the coolant in the water pump is driven together by the impeller to rotate, under the action of centrifugal force is thrown to the edge of the pump shell, simultaneously produces certain pressure, then outflow from the water channel or the pipe. The center of the impeller because the coolant is thrown out and pressure is lowered, the coolant in the water tank in the pump inlet and the impeller center of the pressure difference between the suction impeller, to achieve the cooling liquid reciprocating cycle.Auto Parts Water Pump

               Supporting the pump shaft bearings with grease lubrication, so to prevent the cooling liquid leakage to grease to cause grease emulsification, but also to prevent the leakage of grease. Water pumps to prevent leakage of sealing measures have watertight seals and gaskets. Seals the seal ring and the shaft through the interference fit between the impeller and the bearing, water seal static sealing seat tightly pressed in the pump shell, thus achieving the purpose of sealing coolant.

               The pump housing is connected with the engine through a gasket and supports the bearing and other moving parts. The water pump housing also has a discharge hole, is located between the seal and the bearing. Once the coolant leaks out of the water seal, it can be vented from the outlet to prevent the coolant from entering the bearing chamber and damaging the bearing lubrication and causing the parts to rust. If the coolant leaks after the engine stops, it indicates that the water seal has been damaged.Auto Parts Water Pump